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Curlin Introduces Energy-Saving Solution for Large Warehouses

April 19th, 2012 | Posted by proboscidian in Uncategorized

Curlin Inc. is excited about the energy savings and worker comfort that Serco High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans can provide, in combination with iFan(TM) controls powered by 4SIGHT software.

Curlin Inc., a material handling solutions distributor serving Florida since 1940, is providing the energy efficient HVLS fans for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, convention centers, aviation facilities and other large areas.

These HVLS fans are designed to move a high volume of air while using very little energy. The patented blade system creates a large downwards flow of air in a column that spreads out in all directions at floor level. This pushes air horizontally for a great distance, allowing even very large warehouses to benefit from improved air circulation.

In warm months, the resulting efficient air circulation can create a cooling effect, which means air conditioning thermostats can be turned up by 3 to 5 degrees while still maintaining a comfortable and productive worker environment. This can mean energy savings of up to 20%.

In cool months, the HVLS fan can operate in reverse, circulating hot air trapped at ceiling level and creating a warmer mix of air throughout the facility. Again, this results in lower energy costs by reducing the need for expensive heating.
The improved air circulation also helps eliminate hot and cold spots, in a way that regular air conditioning can’t. In work areas where equipment produces high temperatures, this can do a lot to improve worker comfort and safety.

The fans can also be used to prevent condensation. This can make a difference in many applications. For example, in a food storage warehouse, the fans can keep produce dry and fresh and reduce potential decay and spoilage. In areas where sensitive electronics are stored, the reduced condensation can reduce the risk for corrosion and failure of components.

The IFan system allows up to 30 fans to be networked and controlled from a central location. Each fan can be set for the requirements of its specific location. Fans can be monitored and controlled by time settings, temperature and temperature variance. The centralized controls ensure that only authorized users can make adjustments in the settings.

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