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Curlin’s new Vehicle Restraints from Serco introduces a new level of safety and security to loading docks

October 8th, 2012 | Posted by proboscidian in Uncategorized

Unloading a truck trailer at the loading dock can be dangerous work.   Common accidents occur when drivers think loading is complete and pull away or the driver connects to the wrong trailer while the dock attendant is still loading.  That’s why the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA regulation 29CFR 1910.178(k)(1) stipulates that all trucks must be restrained throughout loading and unloading operations.

Traditional solutions like the conventional rubber wheel chocks don’t always work in wet and icy conditions.  It is also common for dock attendants to position them incorrectly or forget them altogether.  Traditional vehicle restraints can often stop trailer creep:  The constant impact of a fully-loaded, moving forklift can cause the trailer to creep forward inch by inch, beyond the reach of the leveler lip, causing the leveler to slip off the back of the trailer and drop suddenly.  They can also stop trailer walk: During loading or unloading, the displacement of weight by the forklift can cause an air-ride suspension trailers to move in an elliptical fashion, causing it to “walk” away from the dock in a more prominent motion.

What many conventional vehicle restraints can’t do is engage the wide range of trailer styles or configuration that appear at loading docks, such as:

  1. Lift Gate Trailers:  Many trailers equipped with lift gates impede a vehicle restraint, either blocking access to the Rear Impact Guard, or having a lift gate system that does not include a Rear Impact Guard.
  2. Damaged Rear Impact Guards:  Some Rear Impact Guards have been bent or damaged over the years, rendering them impossible to restrain with a traditional vehicle restraint.
  3. Unconventional Trailer Configurations:  Some trailers have configurations that can affect the ability to engage a traditional vehicle restraint.  From Multiple axle configurations to obstructing trailer parts near the rear Impact Guard, traditional vehicle restraints are not equipped to effectively handle all types of trailer situations.

The simple, safe & effective answer from Curlin is the Serco Manual Safety Chock.  The Manual Safety-Chock provides loading docks with a cost effective, versatile wheel restraint solution, capable of engaging and restraining the wide range of trailers that come to the dock.  Easy installation, simple operation and minimal maintenance provide lower lifetime cost of ownership than other wheel restraint systems, and its ergonomic design enables easy maneuvering for accurate and reliable safe operation.

In addition to the Manual Safety-Chock, Curlin offers several loading dock solutions.  To find out more go to www. curlin.com or call us at 813-643-4968

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