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Curlin Introduces the Spacesaver ActivRAC Industrial Mobilized Storage System

August 6th, 2012 | Posted by proboscidian in Uncategorized

In a time of continuing economic uncertainty, most companies are looking for ways to increase warehouse space without the high cost of construction.  Curlin, a company that has been developing material handling solutions since 1940, is introducing a mobilized storage system that will free up as much as 50% more space compared to conventional static storage systems.

The new Spacesaver ActivRac 7M – 7P – 16P – 30P custom configurable line of mobile storage carriages accommodates expanding SKUs and enhances operational efficiency, without an increase in the existing facility footprint.  Bulk rack, cabinets, shelving or pallet rack are mounted to the system’s carriages, which travel on steel rails. This enables rows of storage to move side-to-side, compressing stored materials into a smaller footprint while maintaining access as needed.

The mobilized aisles open and close easily to provide quick, safe and full access to all key materials.  The system can help gain more value-generating floor and workspace under the same roof simply by placing existing static industrial shelving or warehouse storage racks on a Spacesaver Industrial ActivRAC compact storage system.

Features & Benefits

  • Increases value-generating floor and workspace
  • Offers three solutions featuring different load capacities to fit different storage needs
  • Better inventory control and organization
  • Improves productivity and output
  • Increases revenue
  • Lower production costs
  • Delivers a prompt payback

Let Curlin design the optimal system for your goals and needs.  Contact Curlin at Spacesaver@Curlin.com, call 877-643-4968 or visit the website at http://www.curlin.com

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