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Steel Yard Ramps

Designed to facilitate freight handling, these portable steel Yard Ramps can be rolled anywhere in your yard where you need fast freight handling. Away from the dock, steel Yard Ramps can eliminate bottlenecks caused by trailers that must remain in your yard due to full docks. It can also be used for railcars. The operator utilizes a self-contained, double acting hydraulic pump to adjust the unit to the proper position. Open steel grating provides excellent traction while preventing build-up of snow, water or debris.

Design Highlights

  • Self-cleaning grating
  • Dual cylinder hydraulic pump leveling system
  • 36' level-off models are ideal for truck or railcar
  • 30' models without level-off are ideal for docks
  • 18" solid rubber profile tires
  • Heavy-gauge tubular steel box undercarriage assembly
  • Optional towing bar for moving long distances via forklift
  • Ramp loop for forklift positioning
  • Variety of sizes, capacities of 16,000-60,000lbs
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