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HIDDEN HOOK™ Recessed Vehicle Restraint

The Kelley HIDDEN HOOK Restraint is a hydraulically actuated, recessed, non-impact vehicle restraint ideal for new construction or remodeling applications. The HIDDEN HOOK is installed in a pit under the leveler and, when retracted, offers a clean dock face, allowing unobstructed access to smaller delivery vehicles, trailers with hydraulic lift gates and an open drive for unimpeded snow plowing or drive cleanup.

The hydraulically activated HIDDEN HOOK effectively controls vehicle movement by grabbing and holding the rear impact guard throughout the loading/unloading process.

Design Highlights:

  • Recessed, Pit Mounted Design
  • Non-Impact, Hydraulic Activation
  • Power to Match Dock Leveler
  • Auto Restore (if no Rear Impact Guard)
  • Sign Package
  • LED Interior & Exterior Communication Lights
  • Horizontal Hooking Range 4 - 14" From Dock Face
  • 9 - 28" Vertical Hooking Range
  • Programmable Controller
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