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iFAN control system allows customers  to maximize the benefit of their HVLS fans by enabling centralized fan control. Having already revolutionized the HVLS industry with networked controls, iFAN  takes things to the next level with specialized graphics to better simulate  each customer’s facility. iFAN’s graphics allow customers to clearly pinpoint  where their fans are located within the facility. iFAN’s graphics also enhance  each fan’s visual appearance, aiding trouble shooting efforts, clarifying  facility layout, and improving group fan control. iFAN is the next generation  of fan control.

  • iFAN  allows you to network up to 30 fans per standard configuration. Communication  is established by “daisy chaining” the fans together via 4 wire conductor  cables and connecting the last fan to the iFAN computer.
  •  iFAN  software allows you to control fans individually, by zone and by facility.  System functionality allows fans to be monitored and controlled by time  settings, temperature settings or temperature variance. Interconnection with  fire control system is also available.
  •  iFAN  includes a touchscreen computer with custom graphic display of your facility’s  fan layout. Administrators can immediately and easily make operational  adjustments. The system can also display a variety of performance statistics  for each fan and archive the data for later reference or trend analysis.
  • iFAN  ensures that operational and energy savings goals for your HVLS fans are  realized. Fan speed cannot be randomly adjusted at the fan. Zone settings can  address the unique operational and environmental conditions within separate  areas of a facility. Key performance statistics can be measured. Real-time  adjustments to your operation are now possible.
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