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Dockboards/Yard Ramps

Yard Ramps, also called Portable Loading Ramps or Portable Loading Docks provide trailer access when loading docks are not available. They are a safe and cost effective solution to many loading dock issues. Bluff Manufacturing has more experience and has built more yard ramps than anyone, by far. Our standard design translates into a custom solution that is quickly delivered to your job site and lasts for many years.

Dock boards and dock plates are very different and often called by the wrong name.

Dock Plates are rectangles of steel or aluminum with some type of locking leg and either hand hole or handles to move them. Plates are NEVER for power equipment. They are ideal for handtruck and pallet jack traffic … manually moved. They offer the lightest and most cost effective answer to your loading / unloading problem.

Dock Boards are like plates but with the addition of structural components above the plate (curbs) and sometimes on the underside as is the case with rail boards. There are different types of locking devices from fixed legs to drop pins or locking rings.Dock Boards are for forklift and other vehicle traffic. They are best specified by an expert who can take all aspects of your application into consideration. With the correct dock board you can expect SAFETY – LONGEVITY – PRODUCTIVITY.

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