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Bug Screen Doors

G2 Lite Spring Assist Doors

Keep out unwanted bugs, birds, and pests while allowing fresh air in with Goff's G2 Lite Bug Blocking Spring Assist Doors!

Goff’s G2 Lite Spring Assist Door features a durable internal custom torsion spring and an exclusive interior chain-pull quick-release feature for easy and hassle-free opening. It has a rugged centrifugal latching mechanism that allows the door to be stopped at any position and released from both sides. It’s designed with a modular web construction with replaceable panels available in vinyl, mesh, and clear PVC. The doors have impact-resistant fiberglass wind bars that allow it to easily be reset without damage to the door.

Mesh Doors

  • Significantly reduces heat loss while allowing light into work areas.
  • Keeps out unwanted pests, birds and intruders.
  • Mesh material provides a 65% shade factor to lower temperature and save energy.
  • Improves building appearance.
  • Allows fresh air to flow through for comfort and productivity
  • Helps meet FDA and AIB requirements

Solid Vinyl Doors

  • Controls airborne contaminants.
  • Separate Work Areas.
  • Improves building appearance.
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