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TL-250 Impact Doors

Attractive and lightweight ABS doors with reinforced spine for extra durability
Simple, rugged and reliable TL-250 doors are constructed of high impact 1/4"(6mm) extruded ABS plastic. The stile is composed of two additional layers of ABS and a full-length aluminum channel to reinforce the jamb edge against stress. The all-ABS panel construction is impervious to moisture, food stains and many chemicals, and is USDA and FDA accepted. The surface is abrasion and dent resistant, and will not peel, chip or delaminate.
TL-250 provides the ultimate in light door performance in a range of demanding applications.
This attractive, versatile door is specifically designed for retail, food service and sales-to-stock room sites that do not require a tight seal in the doorway. TL-250s are custom-fit to within 1/8"(3mm) of a desired opening, and do not include a gasket, jamb seal or nosing. The proven EZ Hang hinge system provides smooth quiet operation that you can count on for years.
Stainless steel hardware, aluminum spine and triple thick ABS stile stand up to busy traffic.
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