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Poly-Kor Impact Doors

Semi-flexible sub-frame absorbs impact shock and prolongs panel life
Utilizing a patented rubber “honeycomb” sub-frame with flexible urethane foam and bonded ABS facings, the Poly-Kor is a highly versatile traffic door. Its lightweight, durable design is braced by a metal spine/mount assembly that reinforces against panel breakdown at the hinge and bearing areas. Impact resistant ABS panels are bonded to the sub frame to handle abuse from carts, pallets, hand trucks and light forklift traffic without peeling, chipping, denting or corroding.
Proven V-Cam Hinge
A choice of three hinges are available with rises up to 1 1/2”(38mm). The standard cast Meehanite V-Cam hinge with sealed roller bearings is virtually indestructible and provides 180° swing arc and 1/2”(19mm) rise. Installation takes minutes and upkeep includes occasional light oiling.
Steel spine with extruded aluminum ‘mount’ and reinforced wooden bracing supports the flexible panels the full length of the jamb.
Poly-Kor’s clean, modern appearance is perfect for retail and commercial applications. Foam insulation, rubber gasketing and safety cushion nosing form a barrier against air currents.
Poly-Kor is ideal for use in supermarkets, retail and food processing sites. USDA* - approved wash-down compatible materials suit meat packing applications too. Optional stainless steel or aluminum door facings are available.
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