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2180 Welded Wire Partitions

2180 welded wire partition systems provide a stronger panel made of heavy duty 6-gauge wire welded at every wire contact point. It installs faster and easier than traditional woven wire mesh panels, and is still available for the same low price.

Attractive and secure, the 2180 system is ideal for data center computer security cages, office supply and document storage, and retail theft prevention, yet still provides an easily installed solution for traditional tool cribs and warehouse security applications... in fact, Series 2180 is perfect for the majority of applications. Since most wire partition applications are 10' or less in height, a competitive stackable system is not usually necessary and requires more time and manpower to install.

2180 welded wire security cages were engineered to install faster than other systems on the market.

The tubular frame panel gives the installer clear access to ALL mounting hardware.  The strength of the panels provides extra rigidity, nearly eliminating bending and casting. The advanced design includes mounting vertical panels with quick installing flanged head bolts. Generously slotted holes make alignment quick and helps compensate for uneven floors, helped by the use of larger mounting pads than traditional woven wire partition systems providing extra rigidity and security.

The welded wire mesh allows for easy cut-outs done in the field around existing pipes, beams, and other barriers, while maintaining its structural integrity.

Additionally, hinged doors are pre-hung within the frame at our factory, eliminating installation time and allowing for a plumb fit every time. The meticulous design, manufacture, and polyester powder coat finish of the doors and wire panels easily classifies 2180 as the best looking wire enclosure product on the market.

Panelsare constructed of 6-gauge, welded 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" rectangular wire steel mesh securely welded to frames made of 1" square 16-gauge structural tubing, with all joints mig welded. Frames are equipped with 1 1/4" x 3/8" slotted holes for quick mounting. There is a 3" sweep space below the lower horizontal frame member allowing for housekeeping.

Hardware: All panels and doors are shipped with appropriate hardware including heavy duty 5/16" flanged head bolts and nuts for all panel-to-panel, panel-to-door, and panel/door-to-post connections. Floor and wall anchors can also be furnished upon request.

Hinged Doors are constructed of the same materials as panels, and pre-hung in the frame. Swing direction must be designated at time of order (left or right, in or out). Standard openings are 7' high with transoms filling out panel heights of 8', 9', and 10'.

Sliding Doorsare designed for mounting outside or inside your wire partition. Constructed of the same materials as panels, and hung by 4-wheel trolleys rolling in an enclosed track. 

Ask about our slide-up window with shelf and lift catches (pictured above) or fold-down option with bottom hinged sheet metal closure forming the shelf. All doors and windows ship complete with all necessary mounting hardware to install and operate.

Finish: Panels, doors, and posts are phosphate washed with a standard finish of polyester powder coat in high quality gray. Also available in 5 additional standard colors (black, yellow, red, blue, and green) or you can contact us for information regarding custom color matches.

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