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SpaceGuard Products was formed in 1990 as a consolidation of Logan Wire Company and Ford Fence Company. The 100+ years of combined experience and tradition resulting from the consolidation lead to the conventional FordLogan line of woven wire partitions. The product meets and exceeds the architectural Master Specification section 10605, providing an effective and economical approach to area guarding and separation.

Recognized as the industry standard, our exclusive UNI-MESH™ woven wire design allows for full visibility and unrestricted circulation of air, light, and heat. The triple crimped woven wire clinched in a C-channel constructed frame is structurally strong, providing lasting protection of materials and personnel in an infinite number of applications ranging from military to manufacturing.

Standard size panels are manufactured in quantity and maintained in stock, meaning your security cage components are available for immediate shipment, allowing us to pass along the lower costs on to you with a competitive price.

Standard sizes are in widths of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 feet and heights of 7, 8, 10, and 12 feet.  These standard sizes are built to stock and available to ship within 48 hours from receipt of your wire security cage order.

The Ford Logan wire partition system utilizes four standard post types: corner (for 90 degree turns), adjustable corner (for turns other than 90 degrees), three-way (for 90 degree intersections of three panels), and line post (stiffeners recommended at 15' intervals for additional support).

Panelsare constructed of 10-gauge, 1 1/2" diamond pattern, triple crimped steel wire mesh securely clinched into frames.  Vertical (1 1/4" x 5/8") and Horizontal (1" x 1/2") frame members of roll formed 'C' type channels are connected at the corners by a mortise and tenon joint, and equipped with slotted holes for quick mounting. There is a 3.7" sweep space below the lower horizontal member allowing for housekeeping.

Hardware: All panels and doors are shipped with appropriate hardware. FordLogan wire partitions use heavy duty 1/4" hex head bolts and nuts for all panel-to-panel, panel-to-door, and panel/door-to-post connections. Floor and wall anchors can also be furnished upon request.

Sliding Doors are designed for mounting outside or inside your wire partition. Constructed of the same materials as panels, with 1-1/4" x 1/8" flat steel bar cover on all sides. Equipped with two-wheel trolleys, enclosed track, door guide and lock keeper. Hinged Doorsare interchangeably designed to hinge left or right, in or out. Constructed of the same materials as panels, with 1-1/4" x 1/8" flat steel bar cover on sides. Standard openings are 7' high with transoms filling out panel heights of 8', 9', and 10'.

Ask about the slide-up window with shelf and lift catches or fold-down option with bottom hinged sheet metal closure forming the shelf (pictured above). All doors and windows ship complete with all necessary mounting hardware to install and operate.

Finish: Panels, doors, and posts are phosphate washed with a standard finish of polyester powder coat in high quality gray. Also available in 5 additional standard colors (black, yellow, red, blue, and green) or you can contact us for information regarding custom color matches.

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