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Cantilever Rack for Furniture

Cantilever Rack is perfect for furniture storage because of its versatile design. Odd-sized and bulky items fit easily into cantilever rack and long length items such as sofas can be removed with no frontal obstructions to maneuver around during the unloading process. UNARCO roll-formed cantilever rack is a solid one-piece column design with a completely welded base construction to provide the strength and durability your warehouse requires.

Cantilever furniture rack arm lengths can vary depending on the depth of product being stored. Wedge-type connectors maintain the arms position with rigidity. Cantilever furniture rack guide rails are available for quick and easy operation from order pickers. UNARCO's furniture rack is both durable and versatile. The welded one piece column and base makes assembly a snap.

Cantilever rack arms are locked into the column in the down position before the entire furniture rack system is lifted into the up position and installed in its storage location.

UNARCO furniture rack can store any length product you need. It is versatile and easy to load.

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