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Dyna-Deck is a low profile version of Dyna-Flo plastic staggered skate wheels system that retro fits into all existing or new carton flow shelves. Dyna-Deck covers the entire level of shelves with rollers wheels.

  • 12” & 16” widths available
  • 1,2 or 3” axle centers
  • Easily drops into existing carton flow shelves with no tools required
  • Perfect where traditional carton flow is failing i.e. product not advancing due to missing wheels, twisted rails
  • Full coverage on each level, protects products from falling through the carton flow module
  • Slow down plates at discharge ends
  • Impact plates at charge ends
  • Function of the shelves
  • Energy efficient and maintenance free
  • Ideal or Optimal for quickly re profiling new box dimensions
  • Flags and full length guides available
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