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AB Air-Powered Dock Levelers

In the mining industry, a general tool used for heavy lifting is Air-Powered technology. Serco’s AB dock leveler utilizes the same technology to provide proven, long-term, and reliable service on the loading dock daily.

Compared to mechanical dock levelers, the Secro’s air bag dock leveler is more secure and easier to maneuver. To raise leveler, simply press a button. There is no back-wrenching pulling of chains, walking down the deck, and preeminently, no springs or hold-down repair or replace.

Air Powered dock levelers have proven to grant lower lifetime cost due to lower preservation and service requirements. Additional benefits of air-powered dock levelers include smooth operation and push-button management to evade ergonomic concerns. For operator convenience and years of trouble-free service, the air-powered dock leveler is the solution.

Models range from 6' to 7' wide and 6' to 10' Long.  With capacities from 20000 to 50000 lbs.

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