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Hornet Horizontal Carousel

Sapient`s Hornet Horizontal Carousel Order Picking System

Lowest Cost, Highest Value Automated Solution Available

This state-of-the-art Horizontal Carousel system designed for flexibility, durability and efficiency.

The Hornet Horizontal Carousel is a series of bins (shelving) attached to an oval track

which rotate on demand to the operator in the workstation. The carousel system can be

configured as stand alone rotating shelving to integrated pods (work zones), to meet

every organization's space, productivity and budgetary requirements.

Free Intelligent Machine Health Monitoring (IMHM) system to remotely monitor the health

of the Carousels 24/7 to help eliminate potential problems before they impact performance.

Just A Few System Benefits:

  • 12 Month Or Under ROI
  • Fast & Easy Implementation
  • Pick Up To 550 Lines/Hour Per Operator
  • Save Up To 65% Of Your Floor Space
  • Increase Accuracy To 99.99%+
  • Flexibility To Change As Your Business Changes
  • Extend Order Cut Off Times




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