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Oct 24, 2013

Medical Supply Company

Curlin Has Customer Remedy

Several hospitals in southwestern Florida are stocked and serviced by a Fort Myers-based private medical supply company. That company was using traditional rack and shelving concepts and many pickers to fulfill their orders each day, but this was a bit cumbersome. Clients were demanding faster service, higher order accuracy and an increased SKU count. In response, the company began to seek out technologies to improve its efficiency, accuracy and processing costs.

As part of their search, they contacted Jeremy Chapman, Vice President of Sales for Curlin, Inc. (Tampa, FL). Chapman researched the company and with Diamond Phoenix’s assistance reviewed all the data the customer could give them in order to determine the proper number of SKUs an efficient system would store. They also analyzed the speed of inventory turnover to see exactly what solutions would best fulfill the customer's automated storage requirements.

The single access point in this Diamond Phoenix horizontal carousel helped the end-user best utilize its space.

Based on the data, Chapman and his sales team turned to the engineering capability of System Engineer Jimmy Jones to develop the system. One hang-up—the system needed to be installed in phases as to keep the existing picking methodology functional at the same time. Plus, it needed to be in the same room. To achieve this, the Curlin team chose a series of Diamond Phoenix horizontal carousels. “The customer was already out of space,” Chapman says. “We needed something with a large storage density and a single point of access for picking and replenishment.”

In order to convince the customer, the Curlin team took them on site visits to other similar installations. In addition, Chapman points to the intense data crunching ahead of time to develop the proper slotting in the carousel as a deal clincher. “We proved the system's worth and capability prior to gaining the order,” Chapman says. “Also, the assistance we received from Denny Arciero at Diamond Phoenix was instrumental in building the customer's confidence. The customer was very impressed with Diamond Phoenix's previous experience with other medical supply chain facilities.”

The final project entailed four Diamond Phoenix dual-bin horizontal carousels with speed stations, and special PowerPick transaction software. “It was very much a team effort between Curlin and Diamond Phoenix,” Chapman says.

Thanks to the team-oriented efforts from both Curlin and Diamond Phoenix, installation was completed ahead of schedule in January 2008. “A coordinated and planned installation around the customer's operations allowed them to continue order fulfillment while we installed.”