Material Handling Solutions Since 1940


  • → Retail Distribution Centers

    Diamond automated solutions are designed to slash the cost of picking and order sortation, increase response to customer demand, delay the shipping window until later in the day and lower overall operation costs.

  • → Automotive Manufacturing

    Our automotive picking systems and line sequencers reduce the cost of operations and assure on-time, reliable and accurate delivery to the assembly line.

  • → Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Our products and system design experience will allow you to automate your distribution process, improve your responsiveness to customers, and provide kitting, piece picking, and reverse logistics capability.

  • → Aerospace Electronics

    Our systems are credited with reducing costs in subassembly production, central stockroom operations and distributed stockrooms feeding production workcells and workstations.

  • → Catalog Distribution

    In the face of e-commerce competitors, increased distribution costs and a shortage of qualified, motivated labor, catalog distribution companies are turning to our automated systems to speed picking, facilitate order and returns consolidation and allow same-day shipment of orders.

  • → Food Distribution

    As customers demand more product and the industry moves towards more brand variations and special "designer" products, the need for systems that can provide single item selectivity in warehousing has dramatically increased.